American Football on PC

Games have gotten to be quite addicting but hey this doesn’t mean we need rehab or anything. Finding a good game that is interesting can be a bit hard job, especially if you are strict on what you like. This article will take on a review of return man 5 and you can decide for yourself on whether or not you think the game is worth playing.

Return Man 5The game is an online sporting game, for those who like football games and by football I mean American football not soccer, in this case this is the game for you. The game is also known as linebacker and is a modification from its previous game. What this means is that features and updates have been added on the game making the experience a whole lot better. The graphics are much better than the previous versions of the game. You have the options of wide angling this takes the experience a much higher as you get to see everything better and in detail. You also get to see the number of yards you have covered.

The game is quite easy to grasp and more especially if you understand the basics of American football. To make the game much more interesting, it has been made much harder with things like snow falls and water smashing. Getting past this levels will require great skills and for one to use tactful strategies. You also need to win a game before you can unlock the next level, after completion of a stage a pop up will appear showing you how far you have gone in the gamely. Basically the game tests your capabilities on how you defend.

Single player can be quite boring at times, what the game has done is that it has added social communities; this means that you have an option of connecting with other online users. An additional task on the game is that you will get to tackle your opposing team on your own; the other teammates will only assist on protecting you and help to ensure you get to score a touchdown. It is all up to you to maneuver the opposing team and by all means avoid getting caught. You will also have the task of catching the quarterback by yourself.

If you thought the previous versions of return man were good, then this will be the best experience from their line of series. You will get to feel like a football player from the adrenaline. Return man 5 is a game you do not want to miss out on. ESPN has done a commendable job once again.

Second version of the game – Return Man 5 Linebacker 2

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